Because I’ve always worked part time due to school, or done two part time jobs during the summer, I never understood this whole 8-5 business. Now in honor of this adulting stepping stone, here’s some things I’ve learned so far.


If this was Mean Girls the only logical conclusion to that sentence would be, “My mom’s not like a regular mom…she’s a cool mom.” And that would be true—but not true enough—because my mom is beyond cool. So in honor of this last Mother’s Day here are just five of the 123,456,789 things my mom has taught me about life, happiness, and love.

I realized you don’t need to write a masterpiece to deem your writing worth hearing. I always thought having an English major and gaining experience in magazine writing would validate me as a writer, but really, you create your own validation.

I would be lying if I said that I was an expert on Maya Angelou’s work, but her passing away reminded me that her poem Still I Rise was one of the first pieces of poetry that I ever liked and understood. Since beginning the English major I have had exposure to other styles of poetry, but when […]

We often talk about resolutions and new beginnings come January 1st. The start of a calendar year sets so many on this communal track of “new year, new me.” Yet, for all it’s glitz and glamour NewYears hasn’t ever really felt like a time of resolutions and fresh starts for me. Maybe it’s because I […]

Two Years Ago:  As Zumba class began to slowly fill up an odd group of people stood on the dance floor. Everything from the usual studio dancers, moms, the awkward and rhythm-less, and then—open door and cue: the elderly couple. It’s cruel to admit but my mischievous and immature self summersaulted with childish delight. I […]

Earlier this month everyone in the world started posting these Facebook loopback movies that showed your last five years in top posts and pictures. I was not entirely prepared for what happened when I clicked to watch my own. My top moments were pictures from my awkward high school days—you know, the ones where I […]