I would be lying if I said that I was an expert on Maya Angelou’s work, but her passing away reminded me that her poem Still I Rise was one of the first pieces of poetry that I ever liked and understood. Since beginning the English major I have had exposure to other styles of poetry, but when […]

We often talk about resolutions and new beginnings come January 1st. The start of a calendar year sets so many on this communal track of “new year, new me.” Yet, for all it’s glitz and glamour NewYears hasn’t ever really felt like a time of resolutions and fresh starts for me. Maybe it’s because I […]

Two Years Ago:  As Zumba class began to slowly fill up an odd group of people stood on the dance floor. Everything from the usual studio dancers, moms, the awkward and rhythm-less, and then—open door and cue: the elderly couple. It’s cruel to admit but my mischievous and immature self summersaulted with childish delight. I […]

Earlier this month everyone in the world started posting these Facebook loopback movies that showed your last five years in top posts and pictures. I was not entirely prepared for what happened when I clicked to watch my own. My top moments were pictures from my awkward high school days—you know, the ones where I […]


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